Terry meets many furry friends while giving free estimates; here are some of the #FurryFriendsofSPRC he encounters.


Scruffy, the sleepy greeter at the Simmon's residence! He thought everyone was staff.


This #‎FurryFriendofSPRC Zoey Shapiro was not impressed with my presentation.


Deiter Fuller allowed me to walk around his property and pet him. His friends Pepper and Felix were a bit more standoffish; I didn't meet their standards and could not confer with them.


Felix Fuller, Deiter's standoffish brother


Pepper Fuller; a bit more standoffish than his friend Deiter.


Romeo Rosenthal: He is an Italian water dog! He liked me quite a lot.


Chevy Nilsson: Very funny pit bull; quite the friendly pup!


A regular, vocal morning greeting from Edd's storage dog


Democracy the Cat! He does not like to be held.


Lady Cat: This is Lady Cat; she is a cat from Tokyo who is very strange.


R.D. Linden (Rich Dog): RD was all up in my grill until I petted him. We then came to an understanding.


Mama Kitty at Holmby Park Beverly Hills: This is the resident cat at the park. She loved my Aura, and really connected with my positive energy.


The rare and elusive Lisa cat!


Huckleberry Chebul: This is Huckleberry, the skittish alpha cat at the Chebul residence. He does not have time for service personnel.


Whiskey: This is the 6 month old Tabby who greeted me at the door. Her name is Whiskey. I had to pet her and play with her for a while. Now I have to find a restroom to wash my face and I hope this red rash on my neck does not get worse.....


Zeus and Rosie! They are rare white German Shepherds.


This fine fellow answers to "Chip". As in chocolate chip. He was very glad to see his friend and master made it home to see him. He is the guardian of the Helfant residence.


Jack the office dog walked over to greet us at Crater Industries in Valencia. What a high energy fellow!


The "Emerald" of Bel-Air Crest came down the stairs to greet me, and is obviously very pampered by her Servants, I mean Guardians...


Introducing, RIPLEY! This very smart 1 yeah old is the Junior Office Manager at Document Engineering in Van Nuys, Ca. Ripley met me at the front door to check my credentials and after some serious screening I was allowed access to Her assistant Neil. Hopefully she will approve my proposal.......


A drive-by Furry Friend sighting


This is the coolest little pup; his name is Murphy. Check out his 6 inch long black pointy eye lashes!


In the middle of my product presentation, Dieter Fuller took control of the narrative. He let me know exactly what he thought!

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